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About the owner

Orlando Johnson started the company independently in 2015 after spending quite a few years in the fitness industry.

It was just another day, business as usual. A casual conversation with a friend about his passion to train and his capability to pull people to the gym, stimulated him to think how he can help more people doing what he did. The conversation stuck in his mind until he finally came up with the idea of delivering fitness instead of working at a gym. It seemed perfect. He had found his true calling. It combined his 2 passions of serving the community as well as training for fitness.

There has been no looking back since then. Orlando has worked with hundreds of clients since then. And each of them seem to appreciate the energy and positivity he brings to each workout. He makes sure his clients attain their fitness goals.

He is also one of the few fitness trainers (NASM certified) who has spent as many years in the industry and has stuck with door-to-door fitness. Orlando is committed to making fitness convenient.

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