Our Mission

"Fitness made convenient" - We aim to you prioritize your health in a way that is convenient to you. 


Our Values

Trust: We create a safe environment meeting our clients where they are at - customizing workouts to meet your needs, and partnering with you in every step of your fitness journey.   

Accountability: We will help you set realistic goals,  plan a path that fits your lifestyle, and hold you accountable until you achieve the desired results.

Flexibility: We believe in putting our clients first and do our best to work around your availability. By coming to you, we eliminate the stress of making that extra trip to the gym.


Motivation: We bring something priceless to each of your workouts with us - our passion is to see you excel. We bring the energy, positivity and motivation you need to stay consistent.


Blue Collar Grind



"Testimonial 1"

My experience with Blue Collar Grind has been great. Orlando is my personal trainer and he’s very professional and engaging. Initially, he consulted with me to understand my goals and physical limitations, then he created a customized plan for me. I’ve been working with him consistently for a few months now and my energy level and stamina have increased tremendously. 


My primary goal is a healthy lifestyle. So, I know it’s a process and change will not happen overnight. But, having personal trainer is helping me to stay on track and develop new habits. Through my customized plan, Orlando challenges me (with a smile) through the course of my sessions to ensure that I’m achieving my goals. 


I’ve had a few personal trainers in the past, so in comparison, Blue Collar Grind stands out from the rest. It’s a great company with a professional staff that focuses on customer service as well as having reasonably priced offerings.


July 1, 2018

"Testimonial 2"

I began working with Blue Collar Grind in Summer 2017 and haven’t looked back since.  Byway of background, I’m in my late forties and a fan of food NOT exercise.  A recent cancer survivor, taking care of myself became a necessity.  When I met Orlando, I prepared him for a resistant client – he accepted the challenge with a smile.  In the past year, we have started & stopped, adjusted up & down, built & broken resistance to the workout.  Orlando took on the role of my workout conscience.  We agreed to a schedule and every session came with energy and encouragement. He showed up – at the gym, at my door, in the park – with a plan.  What impressed me most was Orlando’s intuitive approach to our sessions.  As we continued to work together, he would make real time adjustments, around energy, attitude, even remnants of my work day.  This has lessened my dislike of workout – I’m still not a fan but thanks to Orlando, I’ve started going to a gym by myself in addition to our sessions.  As for measurable results, I have cuts in places firmly encased in years of fat and the doctors monitoring me could not be happier.


June 28, 2018

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